Partner Visa

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This visa is for an Australian citizen or Permanent resident to sponsor their spouse/de facto partner. Subject to the type of relationship, this kind of visa is divided into 3 sections.


This visa is for the applicant who is intending to marry his/her Australian partner (sponsor). This visa can only be applied outside of Australia. Once the visa is granted, the applicant has to marry the sponsor within 9 months.

MARRIED PARTNERS (Subclasses 820/801)

This visa is based on marriage. The applicant must be legally married to their Australian partner (sponsor). For proper marriages, there is no specific requirement that two persons must have been in the relationship for a minimum period, but they must demonstrate an ongoing mutual commitment and a continuing relationship.

DEFACTO PARTNERS (Subclasses 820/801)

For persons in de facto relationships, two persons must have been in the relationship for at least 12 months just before lodging the application.

The applicant may be granted a temporary visa for two years after which he/she can be granted a permanent visa.